The man charged with attempted murder for stabbing a pregnant woman, as well as her friend, on a 2 train spoke out about the incident in a jailhouse interview with the Daily News. "I didn’t want to hurt them. I just wanted to scare them," Derrick Wilson insisted.

Shaday Tripp, who is about five months pregnant, and her friend, Zakia Lewis, 21, were on a northbound train in the Bronx on June 8 when they encountered Wilson. Around 6:40 p.m., Tripp apparently bumped into Wilson, who allegedly became so upset that he attacked the women.

Tripp explained in a video, which WABC 7 posted, "We got on the train, and she sat down, and she said sit on my lap because the train was crowded and I didn't have anywhere else to sit. And then some guy, he was sitting next to us, and then when the train started moving, my leg bumped his leg."

She said she bumped him again, by accident, "He got angry and was like, 'Yo, you (expletive) touched me with your leg, I don't want to be touched.' After that, he started cursing, and then my best friend said, 'What is your problem?' And after she said that, he got up, he got angry, and then he pulled the knife out of his pocket and he just stabbed me in my neck. And then after he stabbed me, he stabbed my friend."

Wilson allegedly fled the train at Prospect Avenue, dumping his knife on a nearby rooftop (the station is elevated), but a group of good Samaritans caught him.

The 50-year-old street poet told the News, “If I had known she was pregnant I would have offered her my seat," and claimed he thought Tripp and Lewis were part of a larger, noisy group.

He says he felt threatened by the crowd and that when Tripp first bumped into him, he asked her to stop and “they started sassing me.”

“They wouldn’t stop kicking me,” he claimed.

The published poet, who has a rap sheet with 15 prior arrests, lamented the fact that he’s never received as much attention for his writing as he has for his stabbing rampage.

He also asked Tripp to have compassion for him.

“I wasn’t trying to kill her. I wish her a speedy recovery. I wish there was something I could do for her,” he said. “I’m sorry for her and I’m sorry for me.”

Wilson, who was also charged with assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, is being held at Rikers Island on $100,000 cash bail or a $200,000 bond.