The 35-year-old Queens electrician who punched a woman in a fight over a parking spot on East 14th Street last year has been sentenced to one year in jail. Oscar Fuller, who was acquitted of felony assault but convicted of a misdemeanor, was given the maximum sentence by Justice Bonnie Wittner. But she noted that if she could, she would have given him a longer sentence: "This whole incident was his fault. The punch was an extraordinary one, according to witnesses with no ties to either side," the judge said. "Anyone hearing this outside the courtroom, just on common sense, would say one year was not adequate."

The woman Fuller punched, 25-year-old Lana Rosas, was in a coma for nine days following the incident, was hospitalized for months afterwards, and is dealing with a brain injury she'll have for the rest of her life. Rosas’ mother, Angie Harrison, made a statement about her daughter's health before sentencing: "She was so hopeful until she met Oscar Fuller's fist," Harrison said. "I know you want to believe that the sidewalk did it, but it was you. Never forget, Mr. Fuller, that my family has a life sentence. Never forget."

Fuller also spoke and apologized for the incident, during which witnesses say he shouted, "F--k you, you bitch," before driving off. "I"m telling her right now, outta my heart. I'm truly sorry about the incident. Only God knows our heart. Right now, again. I am sorry about the whole situation."