Redistribution of wealth doesn't get much faster than this—a man who had to leave his apartment because he couldn't pay rent allegedly stole a $400,000 Bentley Supersports Coupe after a parking attendant left the keys in the car. We blame the owner: if you're wealthy enough to buy a $400,000 car, aren't you wealthy enough to hire a manservant to babysit it too?

"I just go to car park and they told me that the car disappeared," Bo Li, a college student from China and owner of the car, told the Post. "I felt very upset." Not as upset as the attendant at the Little West 12th Street lot, who presumably had been congratulating himself on a scratch-free parking job before realizing that he left the keys inside.

The car was found with $7,500 worth of damage to the bumper, and 32-year-old John Agaman was arrested this week. Agaman allegedly stole the car in November, so presumably he has been one of the select few homeless men who drive Bentleys, along with Carmen Electra, Colonel Sanders, and most likely that guy with the golden voice.