The Queens man who was arrested on weapons charges after he allegedly threatened cops this week says his outburst was merely "an opinion" and protected as free speech.

In an exclusive interview with the Post, 38-year-old Elvin Payamps accused the witness who overheard his allegedly threatening cell phone conversation of twisting his words. "He’s the one who should be prosecuted for lying," Payamps said. "He wanted to be this hero and say ‘Look, I just took down this guy."

That witness, ex-NYPD Officer Charles ­Otero, says he heard Payamps on the phone at a TD bank this week saying, "I’m going to kill another cop," and "They should have killed two white cops, instead of a Hispanic and an Asian, if the guy really wanted to send a message." Cops later found guns, brass knuckles and two bulletproof vests at his home, and arrested him on weapons charges.

Payamps, who has a wife and 13-year-old son, says he "didn’t mean any harm" by the rant, and that he fears for his family now. "I’m not the monster they are making me out to be. I’m not a terrorist," he told the tabloid.