A month ago, an anti-gang police officer was shot in both legs while pursuing a man in Queens. Yesterday, the suspect turned himself in—at a Pep Boys—after the police conducted a multi-state search for him. John Thomas, 24, was charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon and assault.

Bier, a decorated 15-year veteran, and his partner were following Thomas and when they approached him, Thomas, who was on a bicycle, allegedly fired at them. According to the Post, "Investigators learned Thomas was the shooter after finding a fingerprint on either the 9 mm handgun or magazine left at the scene, sources said. Officials questioned Thomas’ friends and relatives in New York, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania looking for the shooting suspect, the sources said."

The Daily News, which describes Thomas as a "career criminal," reports, "Thomas is also wanted for a shooting a friend during a dispute after a house party in South Jamaica on June 6... He allegedly fired 17 shots at victim Troy Cox, who survived the encounter."

Bier's mother told the Post, "I am very relieved that he’s off the streets. I just hope that he doesn’t get out ever. He put the family through a lot of pain and suffering."