Gary Bias, the man accused of beating his grandmother to death and tying up his mother in their East Village apartment, reportedly told cops he had one regret: not being able to kill his mother, too.

Bias is accused of tying up his great-grandmother, 82-year-old Ella Mae Bias, to a chair using duct tape on Friday afternoon, then beating her. According to the Daily News, Bias called his 39-year-old mother afterwards, claiming that her grandmother wanted to see her. When Bias's mother arrived, the elderly woman was already dead.

Bias then allegedly beat and kicked his mother, bound her to a chair, and covered her mouth with duct tape before fleeing the scene in his great-grandmother's 2006 Audi. She was able to free herself and call the police.

An NYPD spokesperson told Gothamist that Bias was caught by police after fleeing into Brooklyn via the Williamsburg Bridge. Police found him and the vehicle near South 2nd Street and Bedford Avenue in South Williamsburg. On Saturday, he was denied bail and charged with murder and attempted murder. Bias was previously arrested on assault charges, including the alleged beating of his 42-year-old stepfather last November.

Ella Mae Bias's family members told the News that the woman had lived her entire life in her apartment in the Lillian Wald Houses, where the murder took place. Neighbors were shocked her great-grandson could have committed the crime.

"That kid had a good upbringing, you would never expect that of him," neighbor Tyrone Bethea told the News. "The kid was a quiet, loving kid, but I guess he was a walking time bomb. I don't know what set him off. It looks like he had a lot of things bottled up."

According to the Post, Bias is "believed to be mentally ill." They also report that Bias told cops that his mother and great-grandmother were conspiring to kill him—and that he regretted not killing his mother, too.