The man accused beating Oreo the dog and throwing her from the roof of a Red Hook building this summer failed to show up to his sentencing hearing on Tuesday.

After initially pleading not guilty, Fabian Henderson, 20, changed his mind and pleaded guilty last month to aggravated animal assault for hurling the 1-year-old pit bull six stories. Henderson apparently had agreed to a deal that would have barred him from owning another dog but kept him out of jail — but after skipping court yesterday he could now face up to four years in jail, according to the Daily News. The Post reports that Henderson didn't skip the sentencing hearing, but was late to arrive. Either way, he'll be serving time, because Justice Cassandra Mullen said she would not honor the deal that would have sentenced him to probation.

Animal rights activists who were disgusted by the initial crime — then devastated by the decision of officials to euthanize the pooch after her extraordinary recovery — said they weren't surprised that Henderson was a no-show. "What do you expect from somebody who would throw a dog off a roof," said Camille Hankins, who sat in Brooklyn Supreme Court all morning waiting for his sentencing.