A man, wanted for robbing a Midtown Cartier in January, accidentally shot and killed himself while fumbling for his gun, having become panicked when someone rang the doorbell of his Brownsville home. Turns out his caller was just a FedEx delivery man.

According to the Post, 28-year-old Ralik Hansen was convinced the fuzz were at the door of his apartment on October 31st, and his fears weren't unjustified—they'd been after him for months after he and several others made off with around $700,000 worth of watches on January 30th. If caught, he faced a possible sentence of life behind bars, though this was probably not his preferred way of going out, either.

“In his paranoia, he ran to the bathroom and grabbed a .357 and was trying to shimmy under his couch to hide in his apartment when the gun went off,” a source told the tabloid.

Several other suspects involved in the incident were already in custody, and Hansen was indicted in April.