A man who managed to miss getting creamed by a train after he jumped onto the subway tracks to fetch his cell phone not only survived, he was so unperturbed by his brush with death that he left before emergency responders even arrived.

The man, who has not been identified by the MTA, leaped onto the tracks of the E. 105th Street L station in Canarsie just before 9:50 a.m. An approaching train attempted to brake, but failed to fully stop as the man hunkered down between the rails in the trough, the Daily News reports.

MTA Spokesman Kevin Ortiz confirmed that once the train had passed, the man strode out of the station without injury. (The Post notes about the trough, "The tracks at the outdoor station have a lot of room.") Still, he's emphatic that jumping on to the tracks is never, ever a good idea.

"We can't say it enough," Ortiz told the tabloid. "Never, ever go onto the tracks to retrieve anything. Contact an MTA employee who can assist. Your life is worth more than a cellphone."

A man was killed by the train at the very same Canarsie station last November.