A man wearing a bulletproof vest and two empty gun holsters was arrested at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel spa yesterday morning after basically freaking everybody right the hell out. An NYPD spokesman says Christopher Goodine, 26, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass after he was caught wandering around a guest locker area and refused to leave. Goodine, who resides in New Rochelle, was not a guest at the Waldorf.

Goodine reportedly explained that he just wanted to take a shower in the hotel's spa. But it seems his inappropriate spa attire may have tipped off hotel staff that he was not in fact a guest. Or maybe it was the ski mask he was carrying around in a plastic bag?

Either way, anyone who's taken Hotel Spa Crashing 101 knows you need to saunter out of the elevators wearing a hotel robe (easily obtained from one of the laundry carts), not gun holsters and ski mask. Flip-flops are also required. Get it together, Goodine—it's a Waldorf spa day, not a Waldorf wedding.

Police searched the hotel, but say they did not recover any weapons. Here's our roundup of the best spas in NYC.