082708trees.jpgThat tree-hugging Mayor Bloomberg and his Million Trees NYC campaign can go play in traffic as far as Dyker Heights resident (and noted gadfly) Sonny Soave is concerned. Ever since discovering telltale white markings spray painted on the sidewalk outside his house, Soave has been futilely trying to stop the city from planting a tree outside his house. He rants to the Brooklyn Paper: “How is it that I have no say about what goes in front of my house? Am I living in a communist New York where the city makes the decision for you? I know it’s the city’s sidewalk, but once it’s planted, it becomes my responsibility to clean up." And we all know how slovenly trees can be, always littering the sidewalk with their stinking leaves and fouling up the air with their oxygen. That's why Soave's making a stand: "I’ll stand right here and block them from putting that tree in if I have to."