Anyone who's ever known an addict, or seen the TV show Intervention, knows how serious and debilitating addictions can be, and just how low some addicts would go for a fix. But licensed practical nurse Erick St. Louis, who rummaged through used medical waste to satiate his addiction, might be one of the worst cases we've heard of.

St. Louis was arrested and charged with stealing medical waste from nursing homes around Suffolk County to get high. Officials say St. Louis removed trash bags containing blood vials, needles and pills from dumpsters at South Shore medical facilities, looking in particular for fentanyl skin patches, a powerful synthetic drug used by cancer patients that's up to one hundred times stronger than morphine. The 33-year-old would then dump his leftovers around Suffolk County. “He was actually sucking the residue of the patch as he described it to us the way you would eat an artichoke,” Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said.