A 22-year-old man has been arrested for the shootings terrorizing an Upper East Side building's residents.

Farris Koroma, a Roosevelt Island resident, surrendered himself at the 114th Precinct after the NYPD released surveillance video of two people of interest in the incidents. According to WABC 7, he went with an attorney and said he was the man seen in the video.

On August 16 and August 18, two residents of One East River Place, at the end of East 72nd Street by the East River, were awakened by gunfire and found shattered windows on the 14th and 32nd floors respectively.

No one was injured in either incident, but residents have been frightened. One said, "If somebody was in one of the rooms standing right there by the window, they would’ve gotten hit." Another said he couldn't sleep at night, "You live in a building that has just been shot up twice, you know, how can you feel? Somebody obviously doesn’t like this building, for whatever reason."

Koroma was charged with two counts each of criminal possession of a weapon; reckless endangerment; and criminal mischief. He is due in court on Friday.