Facebook, shmacebook: what's it even good for, besides pursuing affairs, bitching about your boss, or playing FarmVille? Oh right, sending threatening messages to your ex, and thus providing cops with damning evidence after they catch you actually trying to kill your ex and her kid. Duh.

Police arrested Bronx man Raheem Harris, 20, and charged him with attempted murder late yesterday. Harris sent threatening Facebook messages to the ex, telling her that he planned to kill her and her one-year old daughter. On Wednesday, he snuck up behind her as she walked along Morris Avenue at East 171 Street, punched her in the back of the head and grabbed the child. He left the baby in a remote part of Claremont Park before running off; thankfully, the crying of the baby was heard by a passerby, and the little girl was reunited with her mother. Harris, who is not the father of the child, was quickly identified to police and arrested in front of his home on Clay Avenue. Chock this up to just another victory for Facebook, the ultimate police tool for catching tools.