An hour and fifteen minutes after his scheduled plunge time, 47-year-old Christopher Swain is finally swimming in the Gowanus Canal. [UPDATES BELOW: Swain got out after 2/3rds of a mile because of concerns about the impending weather.]

According to our reporter on the ground, Swain's plan to swim the entire route as a "call for an accelerated cleanup of the Canal" was questioned by the NYPD.

But after hearing Swain out, the police relented, because they, like the 50 assembled members of the media, want to watch a dude swim in the Gowanus Canal.

Swain is making a stop at the Gowanus Whole Foods (where he will also lather up in disinfectant) and will end his journey at the Bayside Oil depot (more bleach water).

Too late!

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Swain shouts "I'm still alive!" as he doggy-paddles down the Canal. Swain plans on eating charcoal at the end of his swim.

Swain's now getting out at the Whole Foods Gowanus.

[UPDATE // 2:39 PM] Swain has stopped swimming at Whole Foods Gowanus. Our reporter says he came to shore after 2/3rds of a mile because with a potential severe thunderstorm on the horizon, he didn't want to put his crew in a dangerous position.

"I want to make it clear, no one is telling me to stop," he told reporters, adding that he didn't swallow any water. "I think I'm OK. It's not safe to swim in there."

"I feel like I went to the gym, ran upstairs to the cardio area and someone pulled the fire alarm," a disappointed Swain told reporters. "I promise someday I am going to swim the entire Gowanus Canal."