A man seen at hotels where two women were later found dead is now in custody. Joseph Danclair, 36, was charged with murder, after police found him in Manhattan on Thursday. Danclair is also suspected of raping two other women, and Manhattan Chief of Detectives Williams said his M.O. was to chat women up on the street, "They had no idea what they were in for."

Earlier this week, the NYPD released images of Danclair, who was seen at the hotels where the women died. On July 23, Chrissy Bevelaqua, 25, was found dead inside the Bushwick Hotel at 171 Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn. Reports said that she was lying face up on a bed and had bruising all over her body

Police say that Antoinette Marin, 43, was found on September 8, inside a room at the Manhattan Broadway Hotel, located at 273 West 38th Street. Apparently video showed Danclair entering with Marin, but leaving alone.

Danclair was charged with Marin's murder, but WABC 7 reports, "According to authorities, both women appeared have been strangled, although the manner of death is still pending by the medical examiner. During extensive questioning Friday, police said Danclair told detectives Marin died after smoking pot and doing cocaine. He told them he had sex with her, she fell asleep on a couch and he could not wake her up."

During both hotel stays, police said that when someone from the hotel knocked on the door because time was up, someone inside cracked opened the door and handed cash through the opening, without ever showing his face. Although, in Marin's case, police said Danclair was captured on surveillance video checking in with her and leaving the hotel alone. At the time of his arrest, police said Danclair was wearing the same belt he was wearing in the surveillance video recovered from the hotel.

The NY Times says

, "The two cases were linked after investigators discovered an unusual similarity between them: When both women were found, they had been doused with water, police officials said. The police said that surveillance footage also showed Mr. Danclair leaving the hotels and that his fingerprint was found at one of the crime scenes."

Manhattan Chief of Detectives Aubry said, "Whatever he brought to that area, and I'd rather not say, he took away with him, and he also cleaned up the area."

In one of the rape cases, authorities say that Danclair chatted a woman up in the Union Square Starbucks and later took her to an abandoned building in Bushwwick. According to the Daily News, "Once they reached the third floor, Danclair ordered the woman to take off her clothes, sources said. He then struck her with an object, had sex with her and made her snort what she believes to be heroin, sources said." When Danclair fell asleep, the victim escaped and went to the police.

Aubry said that the victims were not prostitutes and said that Danclair likely consider himself a ladies' man, "Just the way he was acting, I think, and the way he approached these women and the way he established a relationship with them, yes."

Police got a tip that Danclair was at Beth Israel Hospital to be treated for a leg injury, which he suffered when "trying to elude" police.

When he was taken from the Midtown South precinct, Danclair said to a reporter who asked if he was behind the killings, "No, sir. I wouldn't ever do anything like that."