Greenwich Village residents are calling for increased police presence after a Sunday morning stabbing left their sidewalks stained with blood for the second time in three days. But unlike the unprovoked Thursday morning beating that hospitalized Buffalo resident Allen Williams, this second attack does not appear to be gay-bashing. Police sources tell the Post that the victim, 41-year-old Derek Brown, has a record of 23 arrests. It's believed he was stabbed in the back and arm during a heated argument with an unidentified man at West Fourth and Grove streets about 5:45 a.m. The fight occurred remarkably close to Thursday morning's near-fatal assault, which police are investigating as a hate crime. When cops found Brown collapsed a half a block away, he refused to identify his assailant or answer questions; he's currently in stable condition at St. Vincent's. A reader tells us that on Sunday morning there were "TONS of blood in front of Gristedes on West 4th Street," and another resident tells the Post, "There are shady guys out at night dealing drugs and having heated arguments even outside my window. I'm honestly considering moving. This is the worst it's been in years."