Forty-six-year-old Paul Torres fell into the downtown 2 tracks at Penn Station right before a train arrived. Luckily, he somehow managed to avoid being hit by rolling in between the tracks. Torres was taken to Bellevue in "serious condition with possible head trauma". While he couldn't remember how he fell (police do not believe he was pushed), Torres was able to say he was happy to be alive. Well, at least when the Daily News asked him if he was happy in the emergency room, he said "Yes."

On January 2, a student at the New York Film Academy had a seizure and fell into train tracks - and Wesley Autrey jumped down and saved him by laying over in the trough between tracks. And neighbors of Torres, who lives in Prospect Heights with a cat, say, "He's not the type to bother any body. He doesn't look for problems."

Photograph by katmere in Flickr