A man is lucky to be alive after falling onto the tracks and in front of a train Tuesday night at the Times Square subway station. Witnesses told the Daily News that the "disoriented" commuter fell as an A train was reaching the station at 8:20 p.m. last night, and that the man became wedged between the platform and active tracks. According to the FDNY, the man was also struck by the train as it passed.

"He fell in front of the train, but the train was slowing down just in time. It's a miracle," Pamela Marazino told DNAinfo. Marazino had seen the man leaning against a beam near the platform edge just before his legs flew into the air during his fall. As the train came to a stop, the victim was trapped between the tracks and platform and began yelling "I want to get out!" Marazino said.

According to an FDNY spokesperson, the man was removed from the tracks at 8:45 p.m. and rushed to Bellevue Hospital in serious but stable condition.The MTA did not reply to a request for comment.