Yesterday, the NYPD was looking for a man who had briefly kidnapped his two children after allegedly shooting their mother, setting her apartment on fire and stealing a car. Today Fitz Edwards decided to surrender: The Post reports that the 29-year-old "strolled into the 47th Precinct station house in the Bronx and peacefully gave up his flight from justice, according to law enforcement sources."

Police say that Edwards got into a fight with the mother of his children in her Eastchester apartment and fired a gun at her (luckily, he missed) yesterday. After trying to set the apartment on fire, he carjacked a driver and took his children, a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old. The kids were later found in barefoot and dressed only in Pampers in the abandoned car.

A neighbor told the Post, "I heard a man’s voice yelling. I could make out ‘I’m goin’ kill you!’ Then I heard a gunshot as the door burst open. I saw the woman running. A couple minutes later, I saw a man in the lobby yelling at a little boy and girl, ‘Run! Run! Come on! Come on!’"

Edwards, who owes over $10,000 in child support, was charged with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, assault, arson, reckless endangerment, petite larceny, and harassment.