A 48-year-old man says he was assaulted inside a subway station during an anti-gay attack in The Bronx earlier this month.

Police say that the victim, whose name hasn't been released, was talking to another man aboard a D train in The Bronx on June 4th when the attacker looked at them and called them an anti-gay slur. The victim and the assailant both exited the train at the 183rd Street station near the Grand Concourse around 11:30 p.m.

The assailant apparently ran past the man and up the stairs to an elevated platform, where the victim believes he stood waiting for him to climb up. When the victim got to the top of the stairs, he says the attacker shoved him down the steps.

"You fucking faggots are making me sick," the attacker allegedly said as he pummeled the man, kicking and punching him in the face and body while he was on the ground. The victim suffered a broken nose, cut up eye, bruises and other injuries during the assault, and was taken to St. Barnabus Hospital for treatment.

"Somebody pushed him down the stairs from behind and started beating on his face," next door neighbor Evelyn Reyes told the Daily News about the victim. "He's black and blue all around his eyes."

The NYPD confirmed that the Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the attack.