A New Jersey man has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines claiming the airline did little to help after a drunken passenger peed on him during a cross-country flight earlier this year.

Daniel Card, of Pequannock, claims the airline allowed a visibly intoxicated man to board the flight, then made no efforts to intervene as the man relieved himself on Card's leg. Card was subsequently forced to endure a flight from Los Angeles to Newark covered in another man's pee, with allegedly little help from the flight crew.

"As the flight was getting ready to take off, the passenger seated in 24E took out his penis, and aimed it at Card and proceeded to urinate all over Card’s leg, while Card was confined to his seat due to an imminent departure of the flight," the suit, first reported on by Courthouse News, alleges.

Card says he attempted to resist the pee, but was unsuccessful in rousing the assailant from his drunken stupor. The flight crew—who Card claims should not have allowed the sodden man on the plane in the first place—stood idly by throughout, according to the suit.

After the man was done micturating, the flight crew "refused Card's request to relocate his seat to avoid the continued humiliation assault and inhumane experience of sitting in urine soaked clothes on a urine soaked seat," the complaint alleges. While he was eventually allowed to switch seats, United would not change the flight itinerary, and "thus risked the health and safety of the not only Card, but also [the drunk man] and various other passengers on the flight."

Upon landing at Newark, both passengers were interviewed by the FBI, at which point the assailant said that he'd blacked out after consuming at least four Rum and Cokes at LAX. It's unclear if the man was arrested, and the suit says that his identity is presently unknown.

In the meantime, Card is seeking unspecified damages from the airline for negligence, breach of contract and emotional distress.

Representatives for United have not responded to a request for comment.