It is not a great idea to try to trick savvy food and drink consumers, whether it's by serving them crappy booze for top-shelf prices or swapping out premium fish for something cheaper. It's an even worse idea if, say, allergies or religious dietary restrictions get skirted. One Orthodox Jewish man claims Trump SoHo did just that, charging him $146 for a hot kosher meal and then feeding him a non-kosher turkey sandwich. Alternate headline: Man Allegedly Pays $146 For Turkey Sandwich.

According to the Post, Dan Miller, a religious Jew, forked over those big bucks for a hot lunch while attending a business conference at the hotel recently. Though he was reportedly assured that his meal would be prepared according to the super-strict laws of kashrut, he allegedly received instead a suspicious (and cold) turkey sandwich that lacked a necessary glatt kosher seal.

Miller, who is suing the hotel, says employees tried to convince him the sandwich was delivered from a well known kosher deli, but when he took a bite of it, it didn't taste quite right. And after contacting the deli, he discovered they hadn't made any deliveries to the hotel that day, according to court papers.

Miller alleges that a manager admitted to having forgotten to order him his special lunch, instead serving him a regular sandwich passed off as a kosher one. We reached out to the hotel for comment, but have not heard back yet; meanwhile, Miller is suing for unspecified damages, and hopefully he got his $146 back.