A Queens man is suing an NYPD officer, alleging that the cop, who was off-duty at the time, beat him and called him a "terrorist."

According to court documents obtained by The Post, 57-year-old Gamal Abdelaziz was waiting for his wife outside of a supermarket in Fresh Meadows in September of 2012, when he got into a confrontation with off-duty officer Milko Mejia in the supermarket parking lot. Mejia allegedly got out of his car after Abdelaziz cursed at the driver for honking at him. Mejia then came towards Abdelaziz, telling him he was a cop.

Abdelaziz's lawsuit claims he told the off-duty officer that his “badge didn’t give him the right to curse at plaintiff," before Mejia “brutally kicked [him] in the testicles, and then repeatedly struck plaintiff in the face, causing plaintiff to fall to the ground, where the beating continued."

Abdelaziz was then arrested for "arguing with a sergeant." He is now suing the officer for civil rights violations.