Oh sure, plenty of people have issues with their mother-in-law, but people are smart to try to keep it civil—nobody wins when their fiance's manner-obsessed mom's emails go viral. But has your mother-in-law ever been so determined to humiliate you she's gotten your medical records and spread rumors that you were infertile and ridden with so many venereal diseases you would be dead in a few months? According to the Post, a Brooklyn man has sued his mother-in-law and his medical center for just such behavior.

Mohammad Shoman, 29, claims that his 45-year-old mother-in-law, Samira Abuzahrieh, was able to persuade staffers at the Lutheran Medical Center to hand over Shoman's records. Shoman and his 19-year-old wife Suha were having trouble getting pregnant last November, and he claims Abuzahrieh took advantage of the situation to spread false rumors and lies about him. Among other things, Abuzahrieh told people Shoman was infertile, he had an STD, leukemia and and a bone ailment, and would be dead in a few months.

According to the $2 million lawsuit, Shoman "has never been diagnosed with leukemia...never been diagnosed with venereal disease...has never been diagnosed with bone disease." Shoman, a Walgreens store manager, claims the humiliating rumors led to him divorcing from his wife after 14 months of marriage, and becoming a laughingstock in his Muslim community. Abuzahrieh told the Post she had no problem with Shoman, but her daughter decided to leave the marriage because "she can't live with somebody" who cannot have kids.