We really can't tell who's the sane one in this lawsuit over a $100,000 diamond ring. In one corner, you have Larry Lipschutz, a real estate mogul who presented his girlfriend with the Princess-cut engagement ring weeks before an Orthodox Jewish wedding in 2006. In the other corner, you have Nadia Kiderman, a dentist who claims Lipschutz knew full well that she was still legally married to another man at the time of the ceremony. But Lipschutz allegedly didn't care, as long as she and her first husband had gotten a get—a traditional Jewish divorce document. According to the law, that was a problem.

Aside from the accusations that Kiderman is "not an honest woman" and Lipschutz is a "con artist preying on wealthy women," Lipschutz's lawsuit boils down to whether or not Kiderman lied to him about being married. Kiderman and her first husband did not get legally divorced until November 2007, though they secured a get in 2002. Lipschutz's lawyer said, "A religious divorce cannot terminate a marriage. Since she didn't have a civil divorce, she was, in the eyes of New York State, still married to her first husband." But a state appeals court ruled that Lipschutz was "well aware" Kiderman was still married when he gave her the ring.

Kiderman has no sympathy for her second-ex, saying, "There's no way I am giving him the ring back!" But until the lawsuit is settled, the ring is in the hands of a third party. Upon consulting Google about rules on returning engagement rings, one blog says, "If he wants the ring and you are a christian you will give it back because Jesus said you should." And the Lord said, "Thou shalt not keep gifted diamonds from thine spouse, for they're way too expensive, and thou probably weren't worth the trouble anyway."