'Tis the season for weddings and wedding court stories: Besides the terminal leukemia-faking bride from upstate, there's the story of Steven Silverstein, who says that his ex-fiancee broke their engagement TWICE and also left him with tens of thousands in bills. Of course, Silverstein is suing.

Silverstein, a consultant who lives on the Upper East Side, claims that Kendra Platt-Lee owes him almost $50,000 for bailing on their planned September 22nd wedding on Long Island. According to the Daily News, he's "even going after Platt-Lee for her split of the rent on two apartments they shared during their off-and-on engagement dating back to 2009. He says he paid her share of the rent on their most recent $3,945-a-month love nest because they were going to get married."

He believes her share of the rent is $28,000, and then splitting refundable deposits for wedding festivities would be about $13,500. Silverstein also claims Platt-Lee took $54,367.87 from their joint checking account, but only $35,000 was hers to take. However, Platt-Lee, who is described as a former Hooters employee and flight attendant, did return the $32,000 engagement ring, "after dumping him by phone in April." Ouch, but at least he doesn't need to sue for that, like some other guys!

Platt-Lee told the Daily News, "I haven’t been served with anything yet," but thought they ended things "amicably... We settled this. I don’t owe him any money." And Platt-Lee's lawyer says they'll file a counterclaim "since Silverstein failed to return some of her possessions, including her makeup." Platt-Lee's lawyer also says that because the engagement ring was returned, it was believed the matter was settled.