It's no easy thing to have a friend with a terrible significant other. You can't point out that he or she undertips waiters, hogs your buddy's free time, and ate all your Amy's burritos even though they were CLEARLY labeled, because friends support each other even when they choose deplorable partners. The worst, though, is catching this worthless paramour stepping out, shoving you in an ethical dilemma whose abhorrence is matched only by the awful Vince Vaughn movie inspired by said plot. But it turns out you don't have to stay uncomfortably silent in this modern age—instead, you can let your old friend Craiglist crush the bastard! Unfortunately, this may lead to some lawsuits.

This, according to the Post, was the case with one John Goullet, a 53-year-old New Jersey resident and tech entrepreneur, and his girlfriend, 49-year-old Theresa Olguin. Last month, an anonymous user reportedly put up a post on Craigslist with the subject line, "PLEASE TELL MY FRIEND HER BOYFRIEND IS CHEATING," adding in the body that this unidentified cad was "screwing dozens of women even younger than his own kids."

Olguin's email address was linked in the ad, and she received a response from a reader alerting her to Goullet's alleged serial cheating. It's unclear whether the allegations are true, or if the two, who have dated for three years, ended up consciously uncoupling post-post, but Goullet is now suing Craigslist so the site will give up the name of the poster. Craigslist hasn't responded to request for comment, but note that the site really is all inclusive—get a job, find an apartment, buy some rock salt, and find out your boyfriend is an alleged POS, all in one go.