Things got a little freaky in Philadelphia yesterday during President Obama's rally (to Restore Democrats' Will to Live). First, a man named Juan James Rodriguez took off all his clothes and repeatedly yelled, "‘" He thinks he will get a million dollars because a British billionaire offered that amount to the first person who streaks the President shouting the name of his website "Battlecam" written on his or her chest. Of course, Howard Stern is mixed up in all this somehow; two of his regular guests reportedly videotaped the stunt. That footage has yet to surface, but to tide you over here's video of the President almost getting hit by a book someone threw at him. (23 second mark):

It's unclear if the book-thrower got offered any money, and the name of the book remains a mystery. But President Obama didn't seem to notice, nor did he notice the streaker. What does it take to get this guy's attention? (Besides the obvious.) Rodriguez was arrested, and the billionaire, Alki David, tells the Daily News, "This is the first time anybody has attempted it. I still don't know if he was successful. If he has done it, I'll pay him in cash."