There's a lot of pressure to see your friends and family this time of year. And sometimes, you just need a bus to get you there, whether or not your stop is along its intended route. That's what Andrew Hickey, who stole a Greyhound bus from a Syracuse depot and drove it 70 miles to visit a friend, may have been thinking, anyway.

Hickey, of Peekskill, hopped into an empty, running bus on Christmas Day because he was cold and the bus, stopped for cleaning and refueling, was warm. Simple enough, right? But then Hickey, who has a commercial driver's license and knows how to operate a bus, decided to take off in the vehicle, telling authorities he planned to visit a friend in Watertown, 70 miles away.

Two hours in to Hickey's cruise, Greyhound officials electronically disabled the bus on Route 11 in Watertown, and used GPS tracking to pinpoint Hickey's exact location for an arrest. He was charged with second-degree criminal possession of stolen property and first-degree unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and is currently in the county jail, where he will hopefully take some pointers from master bus stealer Darius McCollum.