2008_03_bklynstab.jpgA tragic scene unfolded in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn yesterday morning. A man fatally stabbed his wife and then a friend in their apartment. The Daily News points out these are the 9th and 10th murders "in southern Brooklyn since March 20."

It's unclear what provoked Angel Valentin to attack. The News suggests he and friend Wilfredo Suarez had been fighting, and wife Iris Cuadrado had been breaking up the fight. The Post reports Cuadrado had thrown Valentin out earlier, and when a drunk Valentin returned to get his things, he got into a fight.

WABC 7's coverage says Cuadrado and Suarez were involved, with Valentin acting out in jealousy. Neighbors said that Valentin introduced Suarez as "family," referring to him as like a brother. During the struggle, Suarez managed to hide in a closet and send a text to a relative, asking for help. But when police arrived, they found Cuadrado dead and Suarez badly injured (he later died at the hospital).

Valentin was charged with murder and possession of a deadly weapon. Cuadrado's wheelchair-bound 19-year-old daughter, who suffers from Down syndrome, was at school during the attack.