A crazed ex-husband broke into his ex-wife's house and went on a slashing rampage, killing her and injuring her mother, sister and 4-year-old nephew in Gravesend last night. The unidentified man was arrested five blocks from the scene of the crime, after mechanics at a nearby auto repair shop heard the screams, went to the house and called 911.

The mother of one of the mechanics, Jane Donnelly, told the Post, "My son heard a scream...When they walked over to the house they saw a woman bleeding and screaming outside of the house. The woman pulled one of the mechanic inside, and her young son was bleeding heavily."

The 37-year-old (or 29-year-old) victim died at Coney Island Hospital last night, and the three others are in stable condition at Lutheran Medical Center. Donnelly said, “This is scary. They are very quiet nice people." Charges are still pending against the ex-husband, and three other children were removed from the house hours after the attack.