2008_05_23rdst.jpgA violent scene unfolded on the platform of the 23rd Street and 6th Avenue F train yesterday afternoon when a person was stabbed by a homeless man. Clarence Carter Cochran had a steak knife plunged into his chest when he tried to stop the homeless man from bothering a pregnant friend.

According to the Post, Cochran and his friend were talking when Herron Wilson, "who was screaming wildly, lunged at the woman and spit on her." Cochran allegedly yelled, "Did you really just spit? You spit on a pregnant lady!" and got into a fight with Wilson. Wilson took out his knife, stabbed Cochran and ran out the station.

Witness Tony Hayes said the victim "was bleeding like crazy" as he chased his attacker out of the station.

When Wilson emerged from the station, a crowd ran after him. He was charged last night with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

"People chased him," said witness David Thomas. "They knocked him to the ground and held him until police came."

Wilson previously had served 11 years in prison for manslaughter. And Cochran is recovering from his wounds at St. Vincent's Hospital.

Photograph by selyfriday on Flickr