Oh sure, we hear all the time about drug dealers and faith healers squatting in dilapidated spaces and semi-abandoned buildings all over the city; but how often do you hear about a six-figure lawyer squatting in the Empire State Building?

Criminal defense lawyer Daniel K. Perlman moved his one-man law practice to Suite 4010 of the Empire State Building in 2006, according to the Times. Perlman didn't have a lease with either the buildings owners or operators, or mortgage brokers, and paid little rent ($500 a month) because he had done work for the larger law firm that rented him the space on the floor. After the housing market collapsed, the suite slowly became abandoned, except for Perlman. “I was prepared to leave, but nothing happened. There was no green notice on the door. At the same time, nobody from the Empire State Building hassled me about it. The maintenance people knew I was there.”

So instead, he got to stay on the vacant 40th floor of the building for free for seven months: “I didn’t think of it as a scam. If I’m guilty of anything, I’m guilty of procrastinating.” Next, we'll find out that the reason the mythical 103rd floor is closed to the public is to allow celebrities to squat there.