While cops are being trained on how to use Find My iPhone to find stolen iPhones, sometimes it's just easiest to have some good Samaritans nearby to stop a smartphone robbery. That's what happened to one woman in Midtown earlier this month.

Bonnie Somerstein tells the Post that while waiting at Lexington and 42nd Street, right outside of Grand Central Terminal, for a crosstown bus, she was "holding my iPhone with left hand and typing with my right hand... There was nobody beside me. The cards were all against me. I was a prime target." (Say these words to the tune of Friday.)

Anyway, a man "raced up to her on his bike, grabbed the phone out of her hands and sped off." Somerstein said, "I literally said to myself, ‘That didn’t just happen!’ I don’t remember my brain telling my mouth to start screaming or my feet to start running, but I started screaming at the top of my lungs ‘Help! Help! He stole my phone!’” she said. “I wasn’t going to let him get away with it."

Unfortunately, she couldn't chase the man in her rubber boots, but then two executives help wrangle 25-year-old Delfino Morales. Michael Solomon spotted Morales on his bike and pushed him hard against a planter, sending the phone flying, "I didn’t know what he did (but) I knew it wasn’t something good," while Russell Otero helped hold him down.

Morales was charged with third-degree robbery and criminal possession of stolen property. Somerstein said, "With the help of New York City strangers, they pushed and caught him. I was amazed by the kindness of strangers. I was very, very touched."