Earlier this morning, a man was slashed inside a club on Columbus Avenue near West 72nd Street in Manhattan. WABC 7 reports the man was taken to St. Luke's Hospital "in critical condition, possibly because he sustained a gash to a major artery in his neck."

The incident occurred before 3 a.m. WABC 7 says there was a "popping noise" that prompted clubgoers to scatter while NBC New York reports that there was an argument between the victim and the attacker by the door—and the attacker used a broken bottle.

The NYPD has no information as this time. For context, here's some Yelp background on the club: 'I went to this place on 2 occasions, and to be honest this place is complete doo doo. In my opinion to me it's just a very fancy basement. Lets' talk staff: First I don't get what's the deal with the pat downs by the a***sole bouncers over there. The moment I step inside that sh*thole I felt like a criminal. They don't even say anything to you they just grab you go through your pockets like you're entering the White House."