A man who had allegedly just broken a car window on a Bronx street was shot twice by a police officer on Sunday night. Police Chief Terry Monahan said that the man told two officers, "I have a gun, f---ing die," during a struggle.

Officers recovered a loaded 9mm gun.

Monahan said that the incident unfolded just before 7 p.m., near 166th Street and Summit Avenue, when two officers from the 44th Precinct noticed a man who had broken a white BMW's rear window. When the officers questioned the man, he "produced keys that were not for that vehicle," Monahan said.

The suspect allegedly yelled, "This is my car, I know my rights."

The officers started to arrest the man when "a struggle ensued," Monahan explained during a press conference. "The officers were equipped with body worn cameras which were both on, and it captures the suspect saying and I quote, 'I have a gun, (expletive) die.' It was at this point one officer discharged his service weapon two times, striking the individual in the torso and the hip."

A witness told WCBS 2, "Out of nowhere, while he was handcuffed, he was shot."

The body camera footage also allegedly captures an officer saying, "I thought he was going to shoot me."

The suspect, who is described as being in his 50s, was taken to Lincoln Hospital for surgery. the officers were taken to another hospital for observation.

"This incident once again demonstrates the dangers of police work and how an incident can quickly escalate," Monahan said. "Fortunately, our officers were not shot or seriously injured today."