A 33-year-old man was critically wounded last night after he was shot in the head on a Brooklyn street. According to police, the unidentified man was shot in front of an apartment building near the corner of Woodruff and Ocean Avenues in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, a block south of Prospect Park. Officers found the man lying on the ground just after 7:40 p.m., unresponsive with a single gun shot wound.

EMS workers rushed the wounded man to Kings County Hospital in critical condition. An NYPD spokesperson could not confirm whether the man was still alive or had passed away Thursday morning. No arrests have been made, no description of the suspected shooter is currently available, and an investigation is ongoing.

In a status update posted to Facebook early Thursday morning, local resident Ted Barron claimed to witness the shooting's aftermath and criticized what he perceived to be the NYPD's lackluster response to the injured victim. "The cops put up crime scene tape indifferently around a man on the sidewalk that was bleeding hard from his head. No EMS in sight. No attention given the the man on the ground," Barron wrote. His full description of what he saw from his window on Woodruff Avenue is embedded below.