The NYPD says a man was shot at LQ, a nightclub at 511 Lexington Avenue, earlier today. LQ will forever be remembered as the club where then-Giants player Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg back in 2008. To be fair to Burress, his gun apparently slipped down his pants leg.

According to NBC New York, "The shooting at the club Latin Quarters around 3 a.m. appeared to be related to a fight about a woman, officials said. The victim was expected to survive, and a gun—stolen from Virginia in 2008—was recovered at the scene."

Police say the victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital for the gunshot wound to the abdomen. There's no information about the shooter and the investigation is ongoing.

Reviews for LQ are mixed; one Yelp reviewer lamented, "You had absolutely lost all that flair and vibe you used to give out to all your customers in the unique way you used to do it especially on Saturday nights 2-4yrs ago........ Why in the world did you have to ruin your wonderful-magic atmosphere by turning this place into a white icebox filled with hookahs here and there(which by the way makes the place look like a very ordinary hookah lounge rather than a nightclub),seriously what were you thinking when this useless(for many reasons) transformation was beginning??????????"