A father of six was murdered yesterday morning. Fifty-one-year-old Courtney Atkinson had been wiring money to three of his children living in the Caribbean at a Checkbusters in his South Ozone Park neighborhood when he was shot to death.

Police believe that a robber targeted Atkinson in hopes of getting cash. They believe Atkinson tried to fight off the mugger, who then shot three times with a .380 during the struggle. It's unclear if the mugger took any money, because Atkinson's wallet was found.

Atkinson was a Delta skycap at JFK Airport. Atkinson's girlfriend, Novette Facey, became worried when he didn't return home. After calling the check cashing store, she went outside to look for him and found his body covered by a sheet and surrounded by the police a block from their home. And a neighbor told the Daily News, "I'm still shaken up just thinking about it. I didn't expect this in broad daylight."