A 25-year-old man was shot early Sunday morning for allegedly messing with traffic cones set up by the Hells Angels outside their headquarters on East 3rd Street. The gunfire was preceded by a confrontation with a Hells Angel that led to an "all-out brawl."

The victim, identified as David Martinez, was "riding in the passenger seat of his Mercedes-Benz around 1:20 a.m. when his friend driving the car had to stop because a livery car was blocking his way on East Third Street, cops said," according to the Post. Martinez apparently went to move a cone, but was warned by a Hells Angel. From the Post:

The two began arguing, and three other men who were traveling with Martinez piled out of his car, at which point the biker threw a punch at him, cops said.

Other bikers spilled out of the clubhouse at 77 E. Third St. and a street fight ensued, during which an Angel was knocked to the pavement by a man who was preparing to kick him, cops said.

A prospective Hells Angels member, who was also on the ground, pulled out a handgun and fired a single shot that struck Martinez in the abdomen, cops said.

Martinez's friends then took him back into the Mercedes and drove him to Bellevue Hospital, and he is expected to survive.

Authorities believe that the gunman was a "prospect" with the Hells Angels, because he wasn't wearing the official patch.

If you look at Google Maps' Street View, you can see how numerous traffic cones are set up on both the side of the Hells Angels HQ and the opposite side, a long tradition.

Google Maps

The police, who took the cones away, are reportedly looking for three suspects. The Post asked Ron Kuby, who has defended other Hells Angels in the past, if he had heard from anyone, and Kuby replied, "No white man on a motorcycle has contacted me with respect to this incident."