An angry boyfriend shot his girlfriend, her mother, and her grandmother in her Bronx home yesterday morning, killing the mother. Twenty four year old Colleen Brown was shot three times by Sheldon Harris near the front door, and when her mother Joan and gramother Clarissa tried to help, he shot them as well. Joan Brown was pronounced dead, while Colleen and Clarissa are in critical condition. Harris, who was charged with murder, attempted murder, and weapons posession, was also injured in the shooting, though the police are not sure if he tried to commit suicide or if there was a struggle.

Colleen Brown and Harris had a two year old daughter, who was in another room during the shooting. The Daily News spoke to friends who said that Harris was "a player" and didn't respect Brown, causing her mother to prohibit him from coming to the house. Apparently the police had been called to the home on East 233rd Street on many occasions as well.

And the weekend was particularly violent - at least three other people were killed and many others were injured.