Another day, another black eye for the NYPD's 81st Precinct in Bed-Stuy. The latest bad news for the quota-happy precinct comes from a lawsuit being filed by a 26-year-old security officer named Jonathan Zimmerman who last April got in an altercation with an officer that left him with an inch-long taser spur lodged in his back.

The trouble occurred when police wrote Zimmerman a ticket for double parking while he was sitting in his car with a lady friend outside her home. After he and his companion tried to argue the ticket with the police, things got rough. According to the police "cops ordered Zimmerman to move his car but he instead talked back and had to be restrained." According to Zimmerman the officer grabbed the keys from the ignition and "maced him while he was still strapped in his seat belt." After that Zimmerman felt something "very, very painful," was shocked, pulled out of his car and Tasered two more times (a doctor later had to removed one of the taser prongs from his back). Somehow three total taserings and a splash of mace for double parking doesn't quite sound right to us.

A Civilian Complaint Review Board investigation has yet to yield any results so now Zimmerman is suing the city and the two officers in question. Charges for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct against Zimmerman, by the way, were all dropped.

Good thing this happened before the city got the NYPD those fancy new X26 Tasers.