We live in a strange new world filled with $130 MetroCards and vampire janitors, but that doesn't mean the streets aren't safe for someone to go around hugging people condescendingly for a video. Except in Boerum Hill. That guy should definitely stay away from Boerum Hill.

Nasheen Prioleau, 21, and an unnamed cohort were on the corner of Butler and Hoyt streets at 11 p.m. Saturday night when a 32-year-old man got out of his car and hugged Prioleau, who he identified as an acquaintance. As the Post's police blotter so eloquently puts it, "for some reason, the accomplice thought the victim wanted to kill him and allegedly started beating the man." Prioleau and his cohort savagely beat the victim, slashing him from the Adam's apple to the back of the neck with a box-cutter, and the victim was rushed to Lutheran Hospital.

The following day, Prioleau was arrested on assault charges after he had been shot in an unrelated incident and was recovering in a hospital. The cohort who started the fight is still at large. So a lesson here might be to skip hugs with acquaintances, and leave them only for close friends and relatives. Or to avoid hugging in Boerum Hill altogether.