Emergency workers rescued an unidentified man from underneath a downtown 6 train at Spring Street this morning. So far it's unclear how he ended up down on the tracks, but the FDNY tells us he's been transported to Bellevue and is not likely to die. For hours after the incident, the MTA rerouted service along the downtown 6 line, with trains running express from Grand Central to the Brooklyn Bridge, resulting in a rush hour nightmare for thousands of commuters.

One thwarted straphanger tells us, "It took almost 35 mins to get from 110-96 on the downtown 6 this morning. I finally got off after waiting at the station for another 10 mins. No cabs to be found. And even the bus is PACKED. Just wondering if anyone else mentioned anything. I have PLENTY of time on the bus to write you." Needless to say, this person was not alone:

According to the MTA, normal service resumed at 9:39 a.m. "Normal," of course, is a highly relative term when it comes to the transit system.