Casino closures in Atlantic City are about to put 8,000 people out of work. A bag full of $21,000 due to go to the bankrupt Revel fell off an armored car and is still missing. Donald Trump is suing to remove his name from the town. AC needs all the help it can get, so it owes 26-year-old Dorren Singh some gratitude. According to the Post, Singh robbed $32,000 from 14 banks across New York and blew it all in Atlantic City on roulette, and "cheap clothes and food."

Police sources told the paper that after robbing the banks, Singh took a Port Authority bus to AC “to meet girls and have fun. He met some girls and hung out. And he slept over in one of the hotels.”

Singh then allegedly lost a large sum of money at roulette at Bally's, before heading home to East Harlem yesterday, where detectives were waiting for him.

The Post also reports that the casinos don't have to return the money—now AC just needs another 1,500 Singhs to close its projected $40 million budget deficit.