NYU food service employee Joshua Garcia was standing on a Union Square subway platform with his coworkers and hundreds of other commuters when a teenage girl blacked out and fell onto the subway tracks Wednesday evening. While everyone else gawked and documented the frightening incident, Garcia jumped down onto the trackbed. "God put me in that situation," Garcia tells DNAinfo. "It was where I was supposed to be. It was adrenaline and the power of the Lord." Garcia could have tweeted that and still had 30 characters left to burn.

The girl, Stephanie Xue, was unconscious on the tracks with a six inch gash on her head she incurred from the fall. "You could see her skull,” Garcia recalls. "It was terrifying to look at." But apparently it wasn't terrifying enough to stop everyone else from taking photos and video with their cell phones. "It was amazing seeing all these people doing nothing,” Garcia says. “It was an eye-opener."

Once he managed to hoist Xue onto the platform, a nurse in the crowd came over to help stop the bleeding. Xue survived, thanks to Garcia, and was taken to Bellevue, where she received 50 stitches in her skull. Her family's gratitude, and Garcia's humble good nature, will warm your heart—read the whole story here. And for more subway hero stories, be sure to check out our "Subway Hero" tag.