Police are currently questioning, but have not yet charged, 35-year-old Gregory Velez in regards to the Tuesday killing of 73-year-old grandmother Julia Hernandez. One of Hernandez's daughters found the much-loved matriarch Tuesday evening in her East Harlem apartment bound up and suffocated with a plastic bag. Her family believes she was murdered for a 46-inch flat-screen TV, a cell phone and some jewelry which was missing from her apartment.

Gregory Velez, who has a rap sheet that includes stints in jail for drug sales and robbery as well charges for assault and harassment, knew the victim. He is the father of Hernandez's great-granddaughter. Police took him in for questioning yesterday afternoon.

"This was personal. This was a vendetta," the victim's daughter Jeanette Hernandez (who found the body) told the News, though she declined to elaborate on who she thought was responsible. "There was no need to suffocate her."