An unidentified 50-year-old man is in the hospital this morning after being pinned between the 1 train and the platform at 66th Street, and there are conflicting reports on how he got stuck there. An FDNY spokesman did not have any information about the cause of the incident, but a spokesman confirms the man sustained a skull fracture and fractured his pelvis. Eyewitnesses tell ABC 7 the man was running for a downtown No. 1 train "when he disappeared after hitting the train doors." It's believed he was pinned between the train and the platform, then dragged a short distance. Other witnesses say the man fell during an argument.

A witness tells DNAinfo he saw the man on board the train, and claims he had been arguing with another passenger when it pulled into 66th Street. This witness says the victim was hit as the train pulled away. "I saw him fall between the train and the platform," says the unidentified witness. "His face was torn apart. He had a big gash on his head. I saw his skull."

The man was rushed to New York Hospital after he was extricated, and the FDNY did not have any further information regarding his condition. ABC 7 reports that he is expected to survive, and we'll update when we find out more.