tec9.jpgThe legal fortunes of Darryl Barnes have waxed and waned over the many years since he was shot by a police officer on a Bronx street--a wound that left him paralyzed--but finally ended for good this week.

Darryl Barnes was shot in 1988 by NYPD Officer Franz Jerome, who apparently saw Mr. Barnes running down the street carrying a Tec-9 assault pistol. When Jerome ordered Barnes to stop, Barnes shot at the policeman, who returned fire and struck the runner-and-gunner in the spine.

Back in 1998, Barnes was awarded $76.4 million by a Bronx jury. That award was reduced to $8.9 million and then overturned by the State Appeals Court in 2002. In 2003, Barnes brought the case to a second trial where the jury awarded $51 million, which was later reduced to $10.75 million.

The State Court of Appeals finally said this week that Barnes would be receiving nothing from the City, and also fined him $100 in court costs as a sort of final insult-to-injury parting gift.